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The Sérénissime Conciergerie FAQ

Sérénissime Conciergerie's answers to all the questions you may have about short-term rental and the benefits of using the services of a concierge to manage the arrival and departure of tenants, cleaning and any unforeseen events that may arise.


  • What is the cost of the concierge service?

    The benefit of using a concierge service is not financial. It is obvious that doing everything alone will allow the owner to generate higher income. But at what cost !
    A concierge service is essential if the owner does not live near their tourist accommodation. Even otherwise, the services of a concierge service will allow the owner:
    To have a dedicated contact to delegate to.
    Not to worry about the daily management of the rental and thus to have free time to calmly go about your business.
    To be certain of the search for the best profitability of the property by the concierge service (opening period, flexibility of access, rewarding online posting, monitoring of trends and new developments in the market). The more the property earns, the more the concierge is paid. It's a win/win.
    In general, concierge services are paid as a percentage of the price of the booked stay. The main advantage of this mode of operation is that the owner does not pay anything if the property is not rented.
    This percentage varies depending on the services provided. An owner can count on gross income of between 50 and 60% of rents (platform fees of 15% included).
    Sérénissime has chosen not to make cleaning and linen provision optional. This part remains the responsibility of the tenant.

  • How are platform fees billed?

    In the vast majority of cases, the platforms invoice their services directly to the owner of the property, up to 15% of the price of the booked stay. There is no concept of VAT.

  • What are the costs associated with short-term rental?

    The biggest cost is not measured in Euros, but in hours. Short-term rental requires having time available to devote to it:
    Some investments may be necessary to prepare the accommodation for its new use, to create satisfactory reception conditions.
    The essential use of reservation platforms requires method to be attractive and rigorous, as well as paid software to monitor schedules.
    Finally, the reception of tenants, with its share of various requests, requires that the accommodation and its linen be impeccably clean for around fifty stays over the year.

  • How is laundry handled?

    Bed linen includes the sheet, pillowcases and duvet cover. Bath linen includes a shower sheet and a hand towel per person and a bath mat.
    The supply of linen and its cleaning are the responsibility of Sérénissime.
    We chose Standard Textile as our supplier because it has the advantage of offering very extensive product ranges.
    The linen is white. It is purchased in triplicate per accommodation. When the first is used, the second goes to the laundry. The third is used in the event of an accident on the first two and allows slower rotation of the first two.
    The laundries we use are Op'Blanchisserie in Morlaix and La laundryrie de Plouescat.

  • How is the accommodation cleaned?

    Two distinct cleanings can be considered:
    Cleaning of the property is planned between each stay by a team of two people. Working in pairs is essential because intervention time is limited. It may only take place on Saturdays in high season. It includes cleaning the floors, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, some of the windows, replacing bed and bath linen. The techniques, products and equipment used are specific and are more akin to the work of a housekeeper than that of a housekeeper. Staff are trained for this purpose. Unless there are exceptions, it will always be the same people who will work in your accommodation.
    A “major” cleaning can be considered before the first rental of the property and possibly once a year thereafter.

  • What pricing policy should be defined?

    The pricing policy is defined in agreement with the owner, after studying the market prices for properties comparable to his. This is what will make it possible to measure the profitability potential.
    Two paid tools are at our disposal to do this:
    AIRDNA, by AIRBNB, allows you to analyze the market and compare its results in a defined geographic sector
    A Revenue Manager, which automatically searches online for prices and attendance of goods on the market. It has the advantage of being able to be used to make pricing dynamic: it can change the rental prices of the property according to the occupancy rate of the sector according to predefined scenarios.
    The pricing policy is not fixed, it must take into account market developments (below the change in % of the average daily price of furnished tourist accommodation between 2022 and 2023):

    price increase history

  • Why use a channel manager?

    The previous illustration demonstrates the inescapable nature of the internet in searching for and booking vacation homes.
    You must therefore have a tool that allows you to both publish and modify a single ad on several platforms (AIRBNB, BOOKING.COM, etc.) in a single operation, to update and consolidate their reservation schedules, to avoid overbooking.
    This tool is called a Channel Manager. Sérénissime Conciergerie has chosen the Lodgify solution.

  • How are tourist accommodations booked?


  • Why a professional photographer?

    During a long-term rental, the quality of the photos in the real estate advertisement does not matter, because the tenant has the opportunity to visit the properties before making their choice.
    This is not the case for short-term rentals. The quality of the ad and its photos is therefore essential. They allow you to separate yourself from the competition
    Aymeric Artus 2 in this. The care taken with the photos is the first testimony to the care that will be devoted to welcoming vacationers.
    The photos will always be representative of the reality of the property, but they can be presented through the presence of a vase of flowers, a set table, etc.
    Sérénissime chose photographer Aymeric Artus. To go further: the Aymeric Artus website

  • Why a digital lock?

    tedeeapp-3-450x0-c-default Installing a digital lock is essential for two reasons:
    A functional reason: it allows you not to have to manage keys. If a visit is necessary for a malfunction or for the intervention of maintenance teams, the presence of a digital lock secures access to the accommodation without risk of loss, forgetting and time-consuming return trips.
    A commercial reason: it allows tenants to be welcomed regardless of their arrival time (if there are traffic jams or train delays, etc.) and offers the certainty that the property is closed in their absence. 51% of stays take place in low season for a duration of 3 or 4 days and vacationers do not want to be subject to time constraints. The digital lock offers this flexibility.
    How it works ?
    It is an electronic key turner controlled via smartphone or PIN codes. Installed inside the property and invisible from the outside. Using a traditional key is still possible, but visitors will not need it.
    Simple to share and use: no apps, accounts, or registration required. A link is sent to tenants, valid only during their stay.

  • Will my property appeal to tenants?

    The important thing is not to have extraordinary accommodation with incredible services. There is something for all tastes and above all for all budgets.
    When booking, the tenant has a very precise vision of the range of accommodation he chooses. The photos and description in the advert make things clear.
    Attention must be focused on a pricing policy consistent with the offer we offer.

  • Is my property suitable for rental?

    Before renting your property, five fundamental points must be taken into consideration:
    Security. The condition of the accommodation must allow tenants to stay there without taking any risks (stairs, electrical outlets, fixing of kitchen wall units, fireplace, etc.)
    The proper functioning of appliances and devices (household appliances, lighting, taps, heating, hot water, etc.)
    The quality of the bedding is the essential point of the welcome. Tenants above all want to rest during their vacation. They come to sleep well.
    The quality of the WIFI. All searches for visits, reservations, (…) carried out by tenants are done on the internet. Without WIFI worthy of the name, there is no salvation.
    The cleanliness. It must be impeccable. The easiest way is to call on professionals.
    Then, over time, other points can be taken into consideration to improve the reception of your accommodation. You can then devote part of the income it generates to it.
    The rental price policy will adapt to changes in the offer offered.
    To go further: the Atout France classification reference https://www.classement.atout-france.fr/le-classement-des-meubles-de-tourisme

  • I hear that tourist real estate prevents year-round residents from finding accommodation?

    In February 2022, the Government requested the establishment of an interministerial mission in order to assess tensions on housing markets in tourist areas (excluding metropolitan areas) and to identify measures to combat the eviction of certain active households, particularly the less well-off, to access a primary residence in these tense areas.
    Apart from measures intended for communities, the report recommends three developments for furnished rentals:
    Apply energy performance criteria to all housing rentals.
    Make the taxation of furnished rentals less attractive.
    Open the possibility for all municipalities to implement change of use regulations (which does not mean a ban).
    The report identifies many other avenues and the fact that the implementation of regulations, which are all restrictions on fundamental rights, must be based on factual and objective elements.
    Regardless of the report's recommendations, it is quite likely that in the medium term all housing, whatever its use, will be subject to energy performance criteria, due to global warming.
    Even if income from furnished rentals is more heavily taxed, it will always be more interesting to receive it than to do without it.
    Finally, if an owner wishes to keep the use of his second home, what is the point for a municipality to favor its emptiness, by prohibiting the change of use, rather than favoring the economic benefits of tourism, which are moreover more regular throughout the year?

  • How to manage possible damage?

    They are covered, initially, by the tenant's deposit, which is recorded when booking. Problems are rare, because it is now possible to inform the reservation platforms of the indelicacy of certain tenants.
    Sérénissime has chosen the Swikly solution: the deposit request is not debited and does not impact the travelers' bank card limit. In the event of damage, Swikly allows you to cash all or part of the deposit in a few clicks.
    Depending on the damage, the property's insurance may also be involved.

  • Who pays the charges (heating, water, electricity)?

    They are not billed in addition to the cost of the stay, they are integrated into it.