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The Sérénissime Conciergerie FAQ

Sérénissime Conciergerie's answers to all the questions you may have about short-term rental and the benefits of using the services of a concierge to manage the arrival and departure of tenants, cleaning and any unforeseen events that may arise.


  • Will my property appeal to tenants?

    The important thing is not to have extraordinary accommodation with incredible services. There is something for all tastes and above all for all budgets.
    When booking, the tenant has a very precise vision of the range of accommodation he chooses. The photos and description in the advert make things clear.
    Attention must be focused on a pricing policy consistent with the offer we offer.

  • Is my property suitable for rental?

    Before renting your property, five fundamental points must be taken into consideration:
    Security. The condition of the accommodation must allow tenants to stay there without taking any risks (stairs, electrical outlets, fixing of kitchen wall units, fireplace, etc.)
    The proper functioning of appliances and devices (household appliances, lighting, taps, heating, hot water, etc.)
    The quality of the bedding is the essential point of the welcome. Tenants above all want to rest during their vacation. They come to sleep well.
    The quality of the WIFI. All searches for visits, reservations, (…) carried out by tenants are done on the internet. Without WIFI worthy of the name, there is no salvation.
    The cleanliness. It must be impeccable. The easiest way is to call on professionals.
    Then, over time, other points can be taken into consideration to improve the reception of your accommodation. You can then devote part of the income it generates to it.
    The rental price policy will adapt to changes in the offer offered.
    To go further: the Atout France classification reference https://www.classement.atout-france.fr/le-classement-des-meubles-de-tourisme