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The Sérénissime Conciergerie FAQ

Sérénissime Conciergerie's answers to all the questions you may have about short-term rental and the benefits of using the services of a concierge to manage the arrival and departure of tenants, cleaning and any unforeseen events that may arise.


  • What is the cost of the concierge service?

    The benefit of using a concierge service is not financial. It is obvious that doing everything alone will allow the owner to generate higher income. But at what cost !
    A concierge service is essential if the owner does not live near their tourist accommodation. Even otherwise, the services of a concierge service will allow the owner:
    To have a dedicated contact to delegate to.
    Not to worry about the daily management of the rental and thus to have free time to calmly go about your business.
    To be certain of the search for the best profitability of the property by the concierge service (opening period, flexibility of access, rewarding online posting, monitoring of trends and new developments in the market). The more the property earns, the more the concierge is paid. It's a win/win.
    In general, concierge services are paid as a percentage of the price of the booked stay. The main advantage of this mode of operation is that the owner does not pay anything if the property is not rented.
    This percentage varies depending on the services provided. An owner can count on gross income of between 50 and 60% of rents (platform fees of 15% included).
    Sérénissime has chosen not to make cleaning and linen provision optional. This part remains the responsibility of the tenant.

  • How are platform fees billed?

    In the vast majority of cases, the platforms invoice their services directly to the owner of the property, up to 15% of the price of the booked stay. There is no concept of VAT.

  • What are the costs associated with short-term rental?

    The biggest cost is not measured in Euros, but in hours. Short-term rental requires having time available to devote to it:
    Some investments may be necessary to prepare the accommodation for its new use, to create satisfactory reception conditions.
    The essential use of reservation platforms requires method to be attractive and rigorous, as well as paid software to monitor schedules.
    Finally, the reception of tenants, with its share of various requests, requires that the accommodation and its linen be impeccably clean for around fifty stays over the year.