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The Sérénissime Conciergerie website was created by the web service providers and/or individuals listed below. Thank you for their collaboration, in particular all the volunteers who produced and/or provided content: texts, images, illustrations, information...


Website creation Sérénissime Conciergerie

General design of the website: Sérénissime Conciergerie

HTML integration: Versio
based on a graphic creation created by xxxx

Web development: Versio
based on the “Laravel” web development solution and content management interfaces such as Content Management System (CMS).


All of the content on this site was produced by the Chantier. Thank you to them for their contribution, their involvement. You will find the contact details of those who wished to display them, particularly for the photos if you wish to use them in a commercial context, in order to contact them.


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Illustrations and photos:

  • xxx
  • Pxxx

Operation of the website

Internet hosting: Versio web agency on Virtual Private Server solution
Web maintenance: Versio, web agency in Finistère