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Pre-assessment of the tourist season


To remember

A good 2023 season

  • 76% of professionals satisfied with tourist numbers in Brittany over the period from April 1 to August 20.

  • Accommodators and leisure professionals are doing better (78% satisfied) than restaurateurs (66%).

  • The 2023 season will be good in terms of attendance with a dynamic spring (+12% overnight stays) and a relatively stable midsummer (+3% overnight stays), i.e. +7% overnight stays from April 1 to August 20.

  • A strong foreign clientele with an increase in overnight stays of 9% over the period from April 1 to August 20 compared to 2022.

  • 6% drop in the volume of excursions carried out by Bretons. The weather in question.

serenissime illustration de Sérénissime Conciergerie, spécialiste de la location saisonnière dans le Finistère Nord ©Abobe Stock