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Marketing of rental properties

The advantages of Sérénissime Conciergerie


The keys to short-term rental success

Installing a digital lock secures access to furnished tourist accommodation

  • It allows authorized people to have keyless access, using a digital code.
  • It is essential for late arrivals.
  • It allows you to be certain that the accommodation is properly closed after the tenants' departure.
  • It fits onto the existing lock. It is in fact a key motorization system.

Taking photos by a professional photographer

  • Real estate photography meets specific requirements. The excellent quality of the shots is essential.
  • The photos in the ad allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition. It is an essential focal point on reservation platforms.
  • Sérénissime calls on the agency Sky Art's Production, which produces, among other things, photos for the real estate agency Espace Atypicals in Finistère.

The use of software dedicated to the rental of furnished tourist accommodation

  • A Chanel manager allows you to publish the same ad on several reservation sites. It also makes it possible to instantly update the schedules of each site, in relation to each other and to consolidate them.
  • A revenue manager analyzes occupancy rates and competitive prices online. It can establish dynamic pricing in real time, which optimizes revenues from the assets operated. Its aim is therefore to find the right balance to best rent all year round.

Supply of linen

  • Bed and bath linen is provided during each stay.
  • It is hotel quality.
  • It is purchased in triplicate: when the first is used, the second is in the laundry, the third is used in case of unforeseen circumstances and to reduce the frequency of use of the first two.


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