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Free analysis of the property potential

What are the challenges of short-term rental?


The conditions for the profitability of a vacation home


Periods when the owner wishes to keep the property at his disposal

The more these periods of non-rental , the more the turnover of furnished tourist accommodation will be reduced, especially in high season.

They are easy to take into consideration, by making accommodation unavailable on reservation platforms.

Preparing the accommodation for its new function

The tenant expects a certain level of services. You must not disappoint him (the quality of the bedding, the linen, the kitchen equipment, etc.).

For this, grids used by vacation rental classification institutes are at your disposal.

Contracting with Sérénissime

Our concierge services contract is the basis of the quality of our relationship. It provides everything you have the right to expect and its financial compensation.

All our contractual documents are drawn up by a specialist law firm, in conjunction with the network of Rental Conciergeries of France.

Good attendance at a furnished tourist accommodation

It depends on its availability for rental:

  • throughout the year.
  • for all lengths of stay out of season.
  • whatever the days and times of departure and arrival.

Monthly attendance 2022 - Bay of Morlaix & Côte de Granit Rose.

198 nights rented on average over the year

Establishing a consistent pricing policy

The pricing policy takes into account that of the competition and the potential of your accommodation. To do this, Sérénissime Conciergerie uses the tools available on the short-term rental market.

Distribution of nights rented according to the seasons

50.5% of nights rented are from October to April

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