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Brittany is a major tourist region in line with the expectations of vacationers


A favorable rental context

After the pandemic, travelers dream of leaving but their motivations change. What are the new main reasons for these departures on vacation?

1) Revenge travel continues

Travelers still have not forgotten the trips they had to give up during confinement. This trend, very strong in 2022, continues at the start of 2023.

Revenge travel is the act of traveling and leaving as soon as the opportunity arises to make up for the two years of confinement experienced by travelers.

Very beneficial for the tourism sector, this desire to leave as often as possible seems to continue for the coming months, making it one of the biggest trends in tourism in 2023.

2) Get closer to nature

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected with the Internet and social networks, the desire to get back to basics continues. Disconnecting from digital and everyday life to reconnect with the surrounding world and nature is what more and more travelers are looking for.

3) Respect for the environment, an ever more important criterion

With ecological awareness which has increased with the Covid crisis, sustainable travel is increasingly developing. Eco-friendly labels and travel are developing for greater accessibility and greater respect for nature.

This is an important criterion when booking accommodation by travelers upon departure but also when reserving means of transport and activities at their destination.

4) A desire for authenticity and diversity

The desire for a change of scenery is increasing among travelers. According to a 2022 Booking.com survey, more than 40% of all tourists want a change of scenery on their next trip and experience a culture shock.

Discovering a culture, reconnecting with ancestral traditions, admiring sacred places: this is the kind of program that interests more and more travelers.

Now tourists want to discover new ways of living, learn new languages and explore lesser-known places. We want to get out of our comfort zone, push our physical and mental limits and try niche experiences.

5) In search of well-being

59% of people surveyed by Expedia.fr, Hotels.com and Abritel indicate that they are more open to the idea of treating themselves to a wellness stay. Products around well-being will be expected to develop more and more.

Travel is like a door through which we leave reality, as if to enter an unexplored reality, which seems like a dream. Guy de Maupassant.

serenissime illustration de Sérénissime Conciergerie, spécialiste de la location saisonnière dans le Finistère Nord ©Abobe Stock